ASP.NET - why Loading the dropdown takes a time when i want to check the hosted url not my local hos

Asked By Myla Rajani on 22-Jun-12 08:11 AM
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Hi All,

why Loading the dropdown takes a time when i want to check the hosted url

But in my local host it is working fine When i change the Location Index i will call a stored procedure
that stored procedure takes 1 or 2 seconds but it is taking 3 minutes to load ythe data

Thanks in advance.
Peter Bromberg replied to Myla Rajani on 22-Jun-12 12:36 PM
Post some sample working code. There isn't enough information in your post.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Myla Rajani on 22-Jun-12 12:37 PM
There are lot of other factors that influence User Interface Rendering. 

First and foremost thing, that comes to my mind is the network latency. Network Latency is the time taken for the result to reach the client from the webserver. Note that there can be additional overhead in the web server, that takes the data from the stored procedure and may involve other computations on the webserver side. 

Use Network monitoring tools such as Fiddler/Http Analyzer to find the network latency time or the round trip time. 

If you can use fiddler, this is how it would look. See the "Statistics" tab.

Hope this helps.
Jitendra Faye replied to Myla Rajani on 25-Jun-12 02:20 AM
These is commom case , if you are running your application in localhost then your system will be fast but if you will run your application in server then it will be slower that localhost, this is because request and response time will be more in network environment.

it also depends on data tranfer rate in network.