SharePoint - Connecting to remote sharepoint server 2010 with foundation server 2010

Asked By sunil juluru on 24-Jun-12 11:16 AM
I am working in a software company... where in remote server, sharepoint server 2010 (Standalone) is installed and sql server 2008 is installed.. In employees systems windows foundation server 2010 (standalone) is installed, but I am to connect to the web application which is created in server 2010. so, what ever the things i create in visual studio using foundation server 2010 cannot be deployed in main server where the actual web application is there..

Can any body tell me whether the installation process is wrong or is there any process to connect to main server..
Its urgent for me....
[)ia6l0 iii replied to sunil juluru on 24-Jun-12 01:01 PM
You can deploy the stuff deployed thru the free version - foundation server to the Sharepoint Server. All you need is "Extensions for Sharepoint Products" installed on the sharepoint server. 

These extensions are part of the Team foundation server installable.

kalpana aparnathi replied to sunil juluru on 24-Jun-12 02:14 PM

when creating the TFS collection, in the advanced configuration of the sharepoint step you can point it an already existing sharepoint instance and it will create on that server.

Jitendra Faye replied to sunil juluru on 25-Jun-12 01:10 AM
using TFS 2010 you can connect to remote sharepoint server but for this you need to  configure your TFS2010 to use a remote SharePoint.

Before you configure the TFS2010, you have to install Extensions for SharePoint Products.

You can install this feature from the Team Foundation Server DVD.

Refer this link -

Here you will get pictorial help.

Hope this will help you.
Jitendra Faye replied to sunil juluru on 25-Jun-12 01:17 AM
you can get duration by using this code-

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Refer this link -