SharePoint - data not copied from the StagingDB to the ReportingDB

Asked By Jayanarayan on 26-Jun-12 02:35 AM

I am unable to view the web analytic report. when i checked my sql sever for details the aggregation has not happened in reporting DB.  Please let me know the solution.

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M C Jayanarayan
Lalit M replied to Jayanarayan on 28-Jun-12 05:29 AM
Use this Query [WebAnalyticsSvcApp_ReportingDB].[dbo].[WASetting] (This table only has four rows)

for reference :-
Jayanarayan replied to Lalit M on 28-Jun-12 05:44 AM

thank you sir. I had seen this document.  Based on this i had actually configured my timer jobs at midnight. But server is physically down during that period. But now after changing the scheduled jobs in central admin the staging DB shows LastLoggingExtractionTime as yesterdays date. But the reporting database does not reflect the new data. data is not being copied from StagingDB to the ReportingDB. Kindly help further.