Windows 7 - Win Live essentials mandatory update prevents me from sending mail in Win Live Mail.

Asked By Susan McAvoy on 27-Jun-12 08:02 AM
Os Windows 7,  64 bit home premium.

Use AVG free edition.  Norton came with the pc & has been uninstalled.

Windows live mail was working fine until I was forced to update.  Now I can no longer forward mail nor create mail.

I tried system restore & was brought back to before the update, but windows again forced me to update, leaving me right back in Limbo.  Is there a solution?
Vikram Singh Saini replied to Susan McAvoy on 27-Jun-12 12:18 PM

1. Click Start, type: View Installed Updates

2. Hit Enter on your keyboard

3. Select the update, right click it and click Uninstall

4. Restart the system to see if it resolves the problem.