Silverlight / WPF - mp4 video file shows in sideways in mac safri

Asked By gopal krish on 28-Jun-12 03:28 AM
i have a silver light application.
i have a mp4 video file..
  its working fine in windows platforms browsers..
  but in mac the same video is showing in sideways..
  but another mp4 file shows in mac correctly.
i dont know y that particular video file is showing in sideways in mac safari..

how to handle this...

[)ia6l0 iii replied to gopal krish on 28-Jun-12 11:39 PM
Strange. I would have suspected the mp4 video itself. You also say, that it plays well in windows platform. 

Mac has some kind of pinch the screen feature and rotate the video that it is playing. Maybe, you set it wrong for this video. Please check that.