ASP.NET - How to use autocomplete extender and dropdownlist box together in

Asked By Rohini Kuchadi on 20-Jul-12 09:39 AM

         In my application am using dropdownlist and autocomplete extender controls. My requirement in my application is,
suppose when i select 'state' in dropdownlist, and start typing in autocomplete extender textbox, it should display the states.  Suppose if i type 'a' in autocomplete extender, it should display all the states that starts with letter 'a'. and so on....
Peter Bromberg replied to Rohini Kuchadi on 20-Jul-12 08:04 PM
My understanding is that the autocomplete extender is designed to work only with a TextBox The autocomplete list matches are displayed directly below the textbox and when you select one, the textbox is populated with your choice.