C# .NET - Help page for every page in a web application

Asked By dinesh on 25-Jul-12 01:24 PM
Hi friends,

        My web application has say 14 aspx pages. Now my requirement is i need to develop  html help page for every aspx page. Say first page is "employee creation" when i click help link in the menu ,employee creation help html page should be opened as a pop up which has the information about the page. So based upon in what aspx page the user is there that corresponding help page should be opened when clicked on the help link. How to do this.

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Peter Bromberg replied to dinesh on 25-Jul-12 03:53 PM
you can use one single page for the help page and access the correct section via the hash fragment to move to an anchor in the page:

Example : http://www.mysite.com/help.aspx#anchorname

in the page:

<a name="MOVEHERE"></a>