ASP.NET - No overload for method 'Select' takes 4 arguments DataRow[] changedRo

Asked By matt cupryk on 30-Jul-12 11:51 AM
not sure how to fix this?
 DataRow[] changedRows
protected void RadGrid1_UpdateCommand(object sender, Telerik.Web.UI.GridCommandEventArgs e) 
    GridEditableItem editedItem = e.Item as GridEditableItem; 
    UserControl userControl = (UserControl)e.Item.FindControl(GridEditFormItem.EditFormUserControlID); 
    //Prepare new row to add it in the DataSource 
===>      DataRow[] changedRows = this.SqlDataSourceRate.Select( 
    "SnapShotID = " + editedItem.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[editedItem.ItemIndex]["SnapShotID"], 
    "Type = " + editedItem.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[editedItem.ItemIndex]["Type"], 
    "Engine = " + editedItem.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[editedItem.ItemIndex]["Engine"], 
    "Usage = " + editedItem.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[editedItem.ItemIndex]["Usage"]); 
    //if (changedRows.Length != 1) 
    //    RadGrid1.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("Unable to locate the Employee for updating.")); 
    //    e.Canceled = true; 
    //    return; 
    //Update new values 
    Hashtable newValues = new Hashtable(); 
    newValues["UsageRate_Light_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtLightRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["Type"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtTypeNumber") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["Engine"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtTypeNumber") as TextBox).Text.Substring(0, 1); 
    newValues["MaxTerm_Heavy_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtMaxHeavyRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["MaxTerm_Medium_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtMaxMediumRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["MaxTerm_Light_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtMaxLightRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["UsageRate_Heavy_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtHeavyRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["UsageRate_Medium_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtMediumRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    newValues["UsageRate_Light_Rate"] = (userControl.FindControl("txtLightRate") as TextBox).Text; 
    foreach (DictionaryEntry entry in newValues) 
      changedRows[0][(string)entry.Key] = entry.Value; 
    catch (Exception ex) 
    //Label1.Text += "Unable to update Employees. Reason: " + ex.Message; 
    e.Canceled = true; 

any help would be great
Peter Bromberg replied to matt cupryk on 30-Jul-12 05:00 PM 

You really do have 4 arguments there. Look at the documentation and educate yourself. There are only 3 overloads to the method. None take more than 3 parameters.
matt cupryk replied to Peter Bromberg on 30-Jul-12 10:15 PM
Why don't u educate yourself and give advice to some other geek.