ASP.NET - how to fire the master page Imagebutton click event from content page when we click butto

Asked By arvind gupta on 31-Jul-12 12:04 PM
How to fire the master page button click event from content page.
For Example,
i have a master on which i kept the button1  and i have content page on which i have kept the
button2 .
When i click the content page button2 then i want that master page button1 click event 
also fire .
How should  i achieved these functionality??
can any one help me plz.

Peter Bromberg replied to arvind gupta on 31-Jul-12 04:40 PM
If you are doing good OOP programming then the master page button click eventhandler will make a call to a method on a business logic class. So, you would simply make this same method call from the content page button2. There is no need to make a click "event" happen.