ASP.NET - Restrict the User to login in any other website or webapplication

Asked By sachin on 02-Aug-12 08:40 AM

i am requirement is that, if a user login in my web application than it can't be login in any other website or web application

For Example:-

if you login in my webiste you cant access your ur Yahoomail,Gmail,Hotmail Etc. also not with any other browser

its a very urgent task. provide me solution for that
Peter Bromberg replied to sachin on 02-Aug-12 03:49 PM
There is absolutely no way you can do this, as you have no control at all over the mechanisms used by Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. Anybody who wants to can open a new browser window and log into any of these and there is simply nothing you can do to stop them. 
sachin replied to Peter Bromberg on 03-Aug-12 04:59 AM
so this will be possible that we restrict the browser to can't open and url related Login keyword is there