C# .NET - i need to info message when i over the image at center point in jquery?

Asked By avula on 07-Aug-12 08:26 AM
Hi Every one,

I need to show "Info Message" or alert when i over the image but my image is  to big so i want to show this info message when i over the very near to center point..(red color then and only need to show the info message )..and i dont need any info message when am hovering the yellow color position of the image..

please help me

thank you..
Peter Bromberg replied to avula on 07-Aug-12 08:31 AM
Use an HTML ImageMap with the TITLE attribute in the appropriate AREA tags.
avula replied to Peter Bromberg on 07-Aug-12 08:43 AM
tons of thanks..

here is i have more got in link..with your key post