Asked By Bethani Baum on 07-Aug-12 01:34 PM

I work for an Emergency 911 association, and our 911 workstations currently use Windows XP Pro SP3. They have no internet access for security reason, and the Standard Users are locked down with only the ability to launch the 911 software which then launches a mapping program. I know this sounds complicated but bare with me....
The mapping system recently started shooting a .NET 2.0 error when the 911 software attempted to launch it while logged in as a Standard User, however when logged in as a local or Domain Admin, it runs fine without any errors. 
Here is the exact error we are receiving:
EventType clr20r3, P1 geobase.exe, P2, P3 4b6728da, P4 geobase, P5, P6 4b6728da, P7 5b, P8 e9, P9 system.invalidoperationexception, P10 NIL.

Is there anyone who could help me troubleshoot this is? I have IT involved with the IT department that makes the geobase.exe software and the IT department that makes the 911 software, and of course I am IT as well. Ultimately I have realized I need a Microsoft person, because I think it may just be a .NET patch that is needed, but that's just a guess...

I have also attached a screen shot of the Event ID on the workstation, if that is helpful.

Thanks in advance:
Robbe Morris replied to Bethani Baum on 07-Aug-12 02:13 PM
I know nothing about your software.  So, I cannot give you a definitive answer.  What I can tell you is that old C++ code to access low level things like system time, time zone, and other things you'd never think of "could" now require a higher degree of access because of a windows update or perhaps an update to the anti-virus software.

I've seen this recently trying to migrate over very old C++ code that has had numerous functions deprecated for security reasons.

If I had to "guess", I'd say that your .NET app is trying to use a C++ COM dll and that COM dll is throwing an untrapped error trying to access something basic but low level like the system date/time or time zone on that PC.

I'd bet good money you could fire up a VM with XP Pro SP3 and your 911 software and everything would work just fine.  Then, start installing windows updates one by one.  Odds are that the problem is here.
Peter Bromberg replied to Bethani Baum on 07-Aug-12 05:07 PM
If it runs fine when logged in as an admin, this means that geobase.exe is required to be run with admin privileges.