SharePoint - Newform.aspx in list - Asked By kings on 09-Aug-12 03:52 PM

I have a list called "Sales" which has newform.aspx and i made this page as pop-up dialog using javascript.Now when i hit save button ,it should take me to thank you page .but i am getting that thank-you.aspx in pop dialog box. how to redirect it to completey new page but not in pop-dialog box.??
Peter Bromberg replied to kings on 09-Aug-12 04:30 PM
Try this code:

kings replied to Peter Bromberg on 09-Aug-12 04:34 PM
do i have to put this code in html editor box or in code-behind of newform.aspx
Jacob Söderblom replied to kings on 28-Aug-12 04:21 AM