JavaScript - showModalDialog in javascript - Asked By Lavinia Rayan on 17-Aug-12 02:19 AM


I need to show i used showModalDialog() in javascript....
so i using  window.showModalDialog("popup/Approval.aspx", window, "dialogHeight: 300px; dialogWidth: 300px; dialogTop: 100px; dialogLeft: 250px; center: Yes; help: No; scroll: No; status: No;menubar:no;titlebar:no;toolbar:no;");

Its wotking fine in IE and Mozila..but its not working in google chrome..
If any one know about that please inform me...
Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to Lavinia Rayan on 17-Aug-12 03:21 AM
If it is working in FF and IE then it should work in Chrome also. Did You check like the popup blocker is enabled in Chrome. Disable it and then try again
Peter Bromberg replied to Lavinia Rayan on 17-Aug-12 04:49 PM
showModalDialog was invented for Internet Explorer only and has poor support among other browsers. There are lots of cross-browser compatible ways to show a fixed dialog that must be closed before control is returned to the underlying page.