Windows Vista - Do I have to do anything to Kaspersky AV when I upgrade IE7 to IE9 via Windows Update?

Asked By George Levison on 25-Aug-12 03:50 PM
I am currently running VISTA SP2 with IE7.  I need to get to a more current version of IE and am looking at installing IE9 using Windows Update.  (Windows Update shows IE9 as a pending optional update.) Will this require any adjustments, changes, etc. to Kaspersky AntiVirus or should I expect it to simply continue to function as  it currently does?  And also, is there much of a "learning curve" once IE9 is in place?
Peter Bromberg replied to George Levison on 25-Aug-12 06:40 PM
Since IE9 will be replacing the previous version, you should probably not have to do anything at all.