Visual Studio .NET - web application and info message box?

Asked By tap pat on 03-Sep-12 10:11 AM

INFO message box in - server side - web application created with Visual studio

Following code displays a message from server after page postback .  Message appears like an alert, with his yellow triangle and the exclamation mark.

BUT I need to obtain a simple INFO MESSAGE, with OK button, without exclamation mark  and without point of demand: but I CAN NOT !!!

If I use window.confirm instaed window.alert, it appears a point of demand.

Dim lbl As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label

    lbl.Text = "<script language='javascript'>" & Environment.NewLine _

     & "window.alert(" & "'" & strMsg & "'" & ")</script>"


Can anyone help me? How ca I display a simply info message box?

Thanks!  Tappat

Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to tap pat on 03-Sep-12 10:17 AM
The you need to display a custom message box.

Try this one
tap pat replied to Danasegarane Arunachalam on 07-Sep-12 07:06 AM
thanks. But your suggest is for creating dialog boxes in web forms.
However, I work in a web application.

with show methods you obtain a dialog box on server in a web application!
with  the javascript code that you see in my post, I obtain a good dialog box for web application but it has exclamation/demand points and 2 buttons: I would like obtain a INFO DIALOG BOX with only 1 OK button and without exclamation/demand points .

Can someone help me?
Thanks. Tappat