ASP.NET - How to create a thumbnail from a flv video file...

Asked By shameer ali shaik on 06-Sep-12 07:21 AM
Hi all,

I am creating a streaming website, in which i will be streaming videos by two ways...

1. Video On demand..
2. Live Streaming of videos..

my doubt is in creating a thumbnail for a video which is uploaded to the server, after it is being live streamed..
so, my video file will be in .flv format at the time of uploading, so i want to capture a thumbnail of it...

i am developing my web site based on & c#, so any one can help me with the coding..

shameer ali shaik
Peter Bromberg replied to shameer ali shaik on 06-Sep-12 12:27 PM
You can create Thumbnail images from an FLV video using FFMPEG.