C# .NET - is it possible connect web and window application

Asked By Lata on 10-Sep-12 06:15 AM
dear all,

          Is it possible to connect stand alone application with web application.....if yes please help me out from my problem....
Robbe Morris replied to Lata on 10-Sep-12 09:19 AM
Not without an ActiveX control and security permissions lowered.  You could create an intermediary service/web service that your web app could send data to and then your desktop app could query/listen to the service for events.

You can't "push" data to the web app via the standard port 80 http protocol though.
Peter Bromberg replied to Lata on 10-Sep-12 11:28 AM
You can use the WebBrowser control if you want a visual representation of the web site, or you can use the WebClient class to send and receive data to a page or webservice.