ASP.NET - Issue with refershing - Asked By Ajay Paritala on 12-Sep-12 01:13 PM


We have 5 Facilities.. When we change facility depending upon the facility Menu strip will dispaly releated items in it up to now it fine.

BUt when we change facility and select some other Menu then it still showing previous page we need to refersh the page to get present Facility Page.. Why this happing can some one help please?
Jitendra Faye replied to Ajay Paritala on 13-Sep-12 01:01 AM

For this first you need to check that postback is happening or not, if yes then put an breakpoint and debug your code.
Ajay Paritala replied to Jitendra Faye on 13-Sep-12 05:07 AM
Thank you!

I forgot to include one more point in local every thing is fine but when we host the site then this problem occuring ,,