C# .NET - html input box not able to show password in the textbox...please help

Asked By Vikas Sharma on 12-Sep-12 05:27 PM
Hello Friends,

              I have a html input tag of type password like:-
  <input type="password" runat="server" id="txtCpassword" class="footer_input" maxlength="10" />
and now i  want to show password in this field at pageload but i am not able to show it i have tried all the formula's like

txtCpassword.Attributes["value"] = ObjCustomer.Password;

But not able to show it.Can you help me please .Thanks in advance.... :-)
Jitendra Faye replied to Vikas Sharma on 13-Sep-12 01:03 AM
Ok, for this first add runat="server" attribute to the HTML input box.

Now try like this-

txtCpassword.Value= "your value"