C# .NET - Get multiple querystrings from a web address

Asked By Dom Afonso on 14-Sep-12 06:17 AM
I have a web address with multiple querystrings as shown, below:
when I click on the link I want that each value of a query string be passed to specific label on page load like:

The values 1; 2; 3 come form the UserId1, UserId2 and UserId3 of the web address. 

Can anyone show me the c# code to accomplish this?
hiren dhameliya replied to Dom Afonso on 14-Sep-12 07:47 AM
on Page load 

String abc = Request.QueryString[0].ToString();
String pqr = Request.QueryString[1].ToString();
String xyz = Request.QueryString[2].ToString();

Label1.text= abc.ToString(); 
Label2.text= pqr.ToString(); 
Label3.text= xyz.ToString();

 on page load event 
Label1.text= Request.QueryString[0].ToString(); 
Label2.text= Request.QueryString[1].ToString() 
Label3.text= Request.QueryString[2].ToString() 

Hemanth Kumar replied to Dom Afonso on 14-Sep-12 08:40 AM
You can get the Query String Values based on the RequestQuery String Collection which is concept in 4.5.
Once try that