C# .NET - oledbadapter fill method - Asked By dhiraj vernekar on 21-Sep-12 02:12 AM


 I am fillling datatable using oledbadapter method so if fetched row is empty fill method throws exception:"
Value cannot be null.Parameter name: dataTable"

  below is snippet code:

 string Query;

            //Query to select the user from the databasea
            Query = "select IRNO from shipdetails where IRNO='"+IRnum +"'";

            //Assign query to oledb command
            command.CommandText = Query;

            //open the connection to the DB

            //Adapter initialization
            Adapter.SelectCommand = command;

            //Fill the datatable 
Hemanth Kumar replied to dhiraj vernekar on 24-Sep-12 06:57 AM
I think you are getting error at this line 

What is ShipDetail?What is the value of "shipdetail" when you put the break point and when you dont have rows I mean No Data ?