ASP.NET - How to integrate SSRS reports hosted on Server in MVC3

Asked By Sameer Khan on 28-Sep-12 08:18 AM


My application is in MVC3 coded in C#.Net. Now we are following SSRS for reporting purpose. So far successfully able to create and deploy the reports on Server. But our issue is how to use those reports in our MVC3 application. We dont want to show the report in the browser rather on the something like report Viewer. Also the reports are parameterized.

How can i achieve the required please suggest.


Jitendra Faye replied to Sameer Khan on 01-Oct-12 01:30 AM
refer this link-

Hope this will  help you.
Hemanth Kumar replied to Sameer Khan on 01-Oct-12 01:41 AM

You can go for the Web Form report Viewer.If Possible refer this link