Silverlight / WPF - how do I get focus on the cell contents on a windows xaml form when data is already in

Asked By David on 28-Sep-12 04:24 PM
Hemanth Kumar replied to David on 29-Sep-12 01:41 AM
The following code allows you to set a SelectedItem in the code and it is also updated when a user selects a row in the grid.
David replied to Hemanth Kumar on 29-Sep-12 04:39 AM
 Hi Kumar
 Thanks for your reply what I need to have is the focus on the cell contents so that entering new data overwrites it.
At the moment if a cell has number 4 in and I change this to 5 , I get 54 because it does not have focus,
To change from 4 to 5 I have to first delete what is in the cell. This is the same for all cells I tab into on the form 
Any help would be appreciated