C# .NET - How to work with update panel ,if the page (.aspx) contails usercontrols?

Asked By siva on 10-Nov-12 06:55 AM
I have a web page abc.aspx (using this page like master page) in this page i wrote a Html tag < i frame ></i frame >(using this i frame as content place holder).

I'm calling home.aspx page in this < i frame > tag.

in my home.aspx page i have some  user-control. So , My question is

how can i able to implement the update panel in this scenario please tell me the solution.

Thank You,

siva replied to siva on 12-Nov-12 09:12 AM

After commenting the xhtmlConformance tag in web.config, update panel working normally.


      <xhtmlConformance mode="Legacy" />


please refer below link....