ASP.NET - Gridview checkbox validation using java script in

Asked By paramesh nomula on 15-Nov-12 03:48 AM
   I have one gridview that gridview contain checkbox 

 i want one alert message when ever i uncheckd the check box

here checkboxes already checked

i want alert("  ")

when even i am unchecked the gridview check box
Thileep replied to paramesh nomula on 16-Nov-12 05:01 AM

your check box contains between item template..
you can get the javascript event when onclick event..
using that u can done your flow.



chkBxCopy_OnClick(cbCopy) {




asp:CheckBox runat="server" Checked="true" onclick="chkBxCopy_OnClick(this)" ID="chkBxCopy" />

paramesh nomula replied to Thileep on 18-Nov-12 10:53 PM
yor code is working fine but in my grid already some checkboxess are checked when ever i unchecked that check boxex that time only i want alert and how to get that grid view checkbox cell value