VB.NET - please help - Asked By heba ali on 18-Nov-12 09:43 AM

i use a combobox and i fill it from database
and i put this line
comboBox 1.text = "Select Project" to make the first selection "Select Project"
up to no all thing OK

but when i select any project from the upper list(selected index changed), the "Select Project " choice disappear
i want it to still in the list when the selectedIndexChanged
how can i do that??

note that when i select test2 active1 project i want to change it to be "Select Project" but this option doesn't appear in the list. and this is the problem
Sreenath Kalahasti replied to heba ali on 26-Dec-12 02:58 PM
You need to add the "Select Project" item as part of your Combobox object and assign a value say "number of items" + 1