ASP.NET - How to write stored procedure with loop passing form

Asked By bhanupratap singh on 26-Nov-12 06:37 AM
I have two table
1. Consignment
2. Delivery

I need to check data into consignment. If record exist in consignment table then I need to check  this very record into  delivery table. if Record matches with consignmnet table with delivery datable, then ok. If record does not matches then all columns from consignmnet(first table) table of that record should come out and bind it to gridivew. 
Check this procedure it does not full fill my need
ALTER procedure  [dbo].[sp_SelectOutStandingggg]
@CODE_NAME varchar(40)    
,@TOO varchar(40)    
,@sdate DATE
,@edate DATE
select cn.CODE_NAME as Booking_Branch,cn.CNMT,cn.TOO,cn.CNDT,cn.GOODS,cn.TOTAL,cn.NOPKG,cn.CWGHT,cn.DC,cn.PVTMARKA 
from CONSIGNMENT as cn
join DELIVERY as dlv
on cn.CODE_NAME+cn.CNMT<>dlv.CODE_NAME+dlv.CNMT 
where cn.CODE_NAME=@CODE_NAME and  TOO=@TOO and (CNDT BETWEEN @sdate AND @edate) order by cn.CODE_NAME 

Robbe Morris replied to bhanupratap singh on 26-Nov-12 09:10 AM