ASP.NET - How to work with classic asp - Asked By balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-12 08:39 AM

i am new to classic asp programming.

Can anybody let me know what to install to do classic asp programs
I need ,
1.  Installation prerequstives
2. Tool to do code for asp
3. How to execute the classic asp
Robbe Morris replied to balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-12 08:38 AM
Enable its use in your IIS site.  Just use a simple text editor.  Browse to the file via your local instance of IIS on your development machine.
Edwina Andy replied to balaji mogadali on 09-Dec-12 09:35 PM
About your first question, I think the prerequstives about installation will be represented by your needed control. You are able to download some suitable free trial components or controls for asp. And the different control should has own tutorial. So my suggestion is that find your required production and execute as guide. Generally provider will release tutorial.