Oracle Database - Not Able to use OracleBulkCopyMethod using ASP.NET :

Asked By vinod kumar on 07-Dec-12 09:48 AM
Hi friends,

      I want to move data from one server oracle database to other server oracle database.
     Please give example on Oracle Bulkcopy using
   and also please send to me download link,  to download Oracle.DataAccess.Client version

Robbe Morris replied to vinod kumar on 07-Dec-12 10:15 AM
Bulk copy from ASP.NET?  You sure that is wise?  The page request is likely to timeout before the operation completes.
vinod kumar replied to Robbe Morris on 10-Dec-12 12:29 AM

OracleBulkCopy  using ASP.NET is possible or not? please Explain....?