ASP.NET - How to redirect to a facebook page without logged in

Asked By Daniel on 11-Dec-12 04:35 AM
Hi!I have created a page on facebook of my website,then I am redirecting to that page in my webstie like this  <a class="facebook" href="" target="_blank"></a> but when click on that link it redirect me to a logged in page then after logged in it display now my facebook page.
I dont want that how can I redirect without logged in.Just try and click on facebook u will see what I mean.Visitors dont need to logged in.
Please help resolve that...
David Cook replied to Daniel on 11-Dec-12 09:26 AM

Because you are using a link that requires you to log in that wont work.

However if you go to account settings on your page there is a proflie link address if you copy and put that as your html address then it should work. I would show you however can access facebook in work so will tryt and do it later if needed.