ASP.NET - Concept of capturing user Login and Log Out

Asked By Ajay Paritala on 12-Dec-12 10:05 AM

I've alredy implemenetd this concept, But, Users are Login to 4 to 5 browsers at a time as a result their daily productivity is going to 16hrs to 20hrs. But actual productivity should be 9hrs or less than that.

I want to know how to over come this please?And I don't want to restrict them by opeing many browsers, They can open N number of browsers at a time...

Please is there any way to overcome this?

Robbe Morris replied to Ajay Paritala on 12-Dec-12 02:16 PM
Are you not tying this back to their username in your database?  I don't understand how opening multiple browser sessions would matter if you are tracking all of this server side against a single user account.
Naren ukt replied to Ajay Paritala on 27-Dec-12 01:12 AM
if you store userlog in database table, then you can control from the userid session...