Microsoft Excel - Data Connection - Asked By V. on 12-Dec-12 12:28 PM

I established a data connection from work Excel File to Another - both on SharePoint.  The master file has a pivot table that was created from the data connnection file.  When I add a line of data to the connection file, it does not update to the master file.  I believe that it has something to do with a range becuase if I edit an existing row of data in the connection file, this change will reflect on the master file pivot table. It seems that only new lines of date will not update.  I do not see anywhere in the conneciton file edit area that a range is involved.

Any ideas?

wally eye replied to V. on 13-Dec-12 09:44 AM
Rather than pointing your pivot source to the data connection file, try putting a worksheet in your master with all cells pointed to your data connection.  Then point your pivot source to the new worksheet.