Microsoft Excel - Select first date of each month and corresponding value

Asked By Rocky on 14-Feb-13 05:16 AM
Hi All,

Ive two columns, Column A with set of dates for each month and the next column wih it's corresponding depth measurement value. I need to first need excel to select the first date for each month and then it's corresponding value. For Ex:

A          b
01/02/12   12
01/24/12   28
02/01/12    18
02/15/12     22

I need excel to provide the values of 1/02/12 and 02/01/12 in this example i.e. 12 and 18.

Donald Ross replied to Rocky on 17-Feb-13 09:34 PM
Try Vlookup under the formula's button it is easy enough if you follow the steps.