C# .NET - Iam trying to delete a record in c# on a searched data reader. Here's my code

Asked By JAYA PRAKASH on 21-Feb-13 03:39 AM
 private void del_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            scd1 = new SqlCommand();
                del_query = "delete from Product_details where Item='" + ite_name.Text + "'";
                scd1= new SqlCommand(del_query, con);
            MessageBox.Show("Records deleted");

        private void sear_rec_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            scd2 = new SqlCommand();
            str = "select * from Product_details where PrCode='"+pcode.Text+"'";
            scd2= new SqlCommand(str, con);
            SqlDataReader sdr = scd2.ExecuteReader();
            ite_name.Text = sdr["Item"].ToString();
            pcode.Text = sdr["PrCode"].ToString();
            batch.Text = sdr["BatchNo"].ToString();
            manufact.Text = sdr["Manufacturer"].ToString();
            mdate.Text = sdr["MfgDate"].ToString();
            edate.Text = sdr["ExpDate"].ToString();
            qty.Text = sdr["Quantity"].ToString();

Iam getting the error Invalid object name 'dbo.Product_details_Tombstone'.

please somebody give a solution

abdul rehman replied to JAYA PRAKASH on 21-Feb-13 06:06 AM
 Product_details----Table--->u Wrote in quary

see u r table name is Product_Details correct? i think u r table name wrong
i think  in u r db tablename is  Product_Details_TombStone
please check and correct table name

Thanks and Regards 
Abdul Rehman