C# .NET - How to convert a dotnet web application into a product

Asked By dinesh on 26-Feb-13 11:07 PM
Hi friends,

       We have created a dotnet Web application using C#. Now our requirement is to convert this webapplication as a product.Can we do this?If yes please let me know the environment to create this web application into a product.
And also let me know how to make this as a cloud based application for that particular region for example say my clients are there in US.

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RAJESH VEMUNOORI replied to dinesh on 28-Feb-13 06:58 AM
Hi Dinesh,

In order to make your application as a cloud based one, first you need to host the application in a server and also maintain a centralized database for all the clients. Each client should get registered with the application, once after registration each client will be assigned a unique ClientID. With a particular ClientID multiple users can be created.\