Microsoft Word - Need font name and font size - Asked By Jahir on 28-Feb-13 06:36 AM

i have one note pad file i want to know that correct font name and font size how will i check that ? pls help me...
this is the font,
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Robbe Morris replied to Jahir on 28-Feb-13 03:46 PM
A standard text file does not have a font.  The font comes into play when it is opened by application like notepad, Microsoft Word, Ultra Edit, etc...

That said, "system" oriented fonts is what you are after in regards to displaying each character evenly on the screen or in print.  You could try "Lucida Console" (which is the default in NotePad - I think) as your system font.
Jahir replied to Robbe Morris on 16-Mar-13 12:27 AM
Noted with Thanx...
Jahir replied to Robbe Morris on 23-Mar-13 02:56 AM
i need convertor software like google translator that mean i want to translate one english audio to other language. is it possible ?