MySQL - Hi ,this error occur [Err] 1271 - Illegal mix of collations for operation 'concat_ws'

Asked By Babu D on 04-Mar-13 03:08 AM
Hi Sir/Madam,

          Can you give solution to the following error.when execute query gives error.

[SQL] select * from (SELECT AS id,mr.order_id AS order_id,mr.gateway AS gateway,mr.title AS title,CONCAT(mr.fname,'',mr.lname) Name,mr.nametocall AS nametocall,
mr.gender AS gender,mr.no_ppl AS no_ppl,CONCAT(mr.address1,',',mr.address2,',',,',',mr.state,'-', address, AS country, AS zip, AS email,mr.hphone AS hphone,mr.wphone AS wphone,mr.mphone AS mphone,mr.occupation AS occupation,mr.how_hear AS how_hear,
addtime(`mr`.`time_stamp`,_utf8'09:30:00') AS time_stamp,mr.`status` AS `status`,mr.email_sent AS email_sent,mpf.amount as NewFee,
mr.ereceipt_sent AS ereceipt_sent,CONCAT(`mr`.`ReceiptYear`,_utf8'/',`mr`.`ReceiptSeqGroup`,_utf8'/',`mr`.`ReceiptNo`) AS RNo,pk.package_items,
mr.empty1,mr.empty2,mr.empty3 from mos_register mr INNER JOIN mos_program_fee mpf ON mr.program_fee_id = INNER JOIN(select package_id,
GROUP_CONCAT(a.item SEPARATOR '\r\n') 'package_items' from (select package_id, CONCAT_WS(', ', title, date,city_name,count*rate) item,
program_id from vw_package_data v1 where program_id != 0 UNION select package_id, CONCAT_WS(', ', CONCAT(category_name, ' - ', item_name),
count*rate) item, program_id from vw_package_data v2 where program_id = 0 order by package_id, program_id desc) a GROUP BY package_id) pk ON mr.program_fee_id = pk.package_id WHERE mr.`status` = 'confirmed') as atable where true

[Err] 1271 - Illegal mix of collations for operation 'concat_ws'

Thank you.