ASP.NET - Maintain Scroll Position using JQuery.

Asked By avula on 05-Mar-13 09:02 AM
Hi Every one,

I required to maintain a scroll position in my page using jquery or javascript, and my content dynamically

Please help me,

Seeking your support.

Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to avula on 06-Mar-13 05:21 AM
If you want to implement the scroll position in then supports by it default. This method is called

From MSDN (

In earlier versions of ASP.NET, you enable smart navigation by using the Page.SmartNavigation property. When you set the Page.SmartNavigation property to true, the following smart navigation features are enabled:
  • The scroll position of a Web page is maintained after postback.
  • The element focus on a Web page is maintained during navigation.
  • Only the most recent Web page state is retained in the Web browser history folder.
  • The flicker effect that may occur on a Web page during navigation is minimized