Windows Server - What is the Azure Equivalent? A windows service that periodically calls another webserver

Asked By dan scan on 07-Mar-13 04:00 PM
So my little Proof of Concept needs to have a running service (like a good old windows service) that will periodically call out to another web server to get web services.  Basically every 10 minutes call a web site to see if there is data available.  
I need to make this all run in windows azure as some sort of cloud services.  Unfortunately I am not sure which one of the many services I should be researching.  

I figure it is an cloud app service.  but it will also speak to our database that is also hosted on the cloud. 

So the basic process is a application that runs in the background waiting a specified period of time and then calls a web service.  It then takes data from said web service and stores it into a database.  

What pieces of Azure Cloud Services would be best? Also if I wanted throw the job of calling the webservice and data retrieval into a separate thread would that change the recommendation?  

I wish I went to that Azure Day last time Microsoft had a presentation.  :(