Visual Studio .NET - SSIS Data Conversion Isue

Asked By rama chandran on 14-Mar-13 07:27 AM
Hi Friends,

when running the SSIS package i am getting the below error, the steps what i did is mentioned below.

1) We are getting the conversion issue while executing Cash Account Data Transfer SSIS package.
2) Created 2 Link servers. We have used Oracle Provider for OLEDB on the link server.
3) 2 Connections are created using Microsoft OLEDB provider for Sql Server in SSIS package for transferring the data from A to B table. One is A Database View and another is B Retrieval Table .
4) Used the script for transferring the data from the source.
5) On the destination we have selected B table name is “Test”. We are getting the issues on the Destination step

For Example, i mentioned A and B as application names.

i am using SqlServer 2008 version.

Its very urgent, so please tell me what is the problem here and give me the exact solution with the clear steps to resolve this issue as soon as possible.