C# .NET - Force Base Application to trigger Log4Net logging in Web Application

Asked By Sundarasegaram Veerakuddy on 18-Mar-13 04:08 AM
In our Web Application, Notifications to users on various modules are stored in a Queue table. At the server there use to be an external executable file that runs on timer intervals and checks the queue table and sends un-processed notifications. This process is alienated this way from web applicaiton in order to reduce the load when saving data.

Web application is supported with Log4Net logging that properly logs errors when operations are carried out directly via application interfaces. But the processes called from the external executable do not log any when error occurs.

There is an important point to be noted. The external executable was written in VFP9 and to call processes from web application, a project was added to web application development solution and this project was built as COM+ (COMSVCS) so that the class methods in DLL are visible to be called from outside.

We understand that Log4Net looks for the configuration details from base application end. In above case, it would be the external executable end. Well, having configuration setup at this end, and providing its detail via assembly (at COM+ project end) did not help.

We are forced to think the following:
(a) The problem may be because the calling end is a VFP application
(b) The problem may be because the processes called via COM+ application

How best you could suggest a solution to overcome this problem? In summary, we expect Log4Net to log errors regardless of the application calling end! Appreciate your valuable try on this.

Thank you.