VB.NET - Exporting PST to MSG or TXT - Asked By Chad Compton on 20-Mar-13 03:14 PM

I am in the process of looking for some code or a program that I can use to export or convert PST messages to msg or txt.  This issue is coming up when staff is having pst files that are too large over 2 gig and can't be imported into their new computers outlook and the old one is no longer working. 
I have found some VB script to run out of outlook but that doesn't help because that requires the pst file to load into outlook to function.  If I could bypass outlook all together, that would be great. 
Any help on this matter would be appreciated.  I did find some software to download and purchase for $50 but working for a non profit that makes this a little tricky.
Robbe Morris replied to Chad Compton on 20-Mar-13 11:18 PM
If you found one that will let you export the messages for $50, then buy it with your own money.  I am aware of several pretty crappy tools that let you view messages but not extract them.

Are you using the latest Microsoft Outlook version?  If not, you may want to download a trial and put it on a desktop with a lot of RAM.  That may at least give you a temporary reprieve for this specific situation.