SQL Server - how to attech a database in sql server 2005

Asked By The Hunk on 21-Mar-13 08:48 AM

hi all,

i have a problem , my sql server fails to connect server,

so i am uninstall that, freshly installed it is connect to server and working fine.

but i lost my old data , i find the old db location. Their is both .mdf .ldf files

try to attech those, but fails. i know the reason becuase i didn't dettach those. so fails.

their any way to attech the old database, and retrive the data.

Tom Wilson replied to The Hunk on 21-Mar-13 10:33 PM
This link may help:


You have both the mdf and ldf files, the above link assumes you only have the mdf file, so it should work.