Silverlight / WPF - integrate silverlight app in in website(4.0) and silverlight(4.0) and read qr code

Asked By on 22-Mar-13 10:48 AM

I am developing a website which needs to capture QR Code Image from web camera and decode it and show it in textbox on aspx page.

i am able to use silver light and get image in silverlight but not able to integrate in aspx page of web page
also i also need to know how to read QR Code in silverlight.

Any Help Will Be Great Use
Pls Reply!
Asked By Robbe Morris on 22-Mar-13 12:10 PM
Silverlight is disconnected from your aspx page.  There is no "integration".  The Silverlight app would need to make an http request to server either in simple form or via a WCF service.

For simple requests, this article demonstrates how to make an http request back to your .aspx page.