Silverlight / WPF - Still cant code behind to add data columns up to show totals on bottom of Xaml/winform

Asked By David on 24-Mar-13 05:24 PM
 Hi All

I am still stuck trying to put a column total on my xaml input form of 18 data items into a textbox at the bottom of the form
I have a spare column call total and have tried all the ways people have suggested to bind this but am totally  confused
I have tried observable collections plus get this and get that but none of them seem to work.
I am unsure where to code this , should it be in the xaml.vb
What should the code start with Public Partial Class or Sub.
I have used a Access Database and then Datasets etc.
I think the code is because things I have converted seem to work from this.
If this don't make sense please reply and point me in the right direction
Many Many Thanks

Robbe Morris replied to David on 24-Mar-13 05:48 PM
If you haven't been able figure out basic data binding by reading any one of the myriad of articles on the net, you may want to fork over $40 and just buy a book.  Otherwise, I just see hours and hours of wasted time on your part and nothing to show for it.  You need for more formal instruction than what you'll get in a forum.
David replied to Robbe Morris on 24-Mar-13 06:28 PM
 Hi Robbe

I have a book I purchased when I started this project and also had help from Microsoft at the offset
but nowhere in the book or any suggestions I have had tells me where to put the class code etc to add a simple column of data up.
Its easy in Access and reports in WPF/XAML but that's has far as it goes.
I have tried all the codes you gave me running them through a convertor because I believe your code is "c"
and still no good .
If need be I will purchase help to achieve this little problem
So if no more help comes from the forum that's what I shall have to do but I was trying to do it on my own it was a task I set myself when I retired 3 years ago.


David replied to Robbe Morris on 20-May-13 04:49 PM
Hi Robbe

All sorted textboxes added up and sum in bottom of Xaml form refresh as new data entered