ASP.NET - convert crystal report to notpad and print directly that notpad

Asked By Chinnarasu .M on 28-Mar-13 04:05 AM
hi, i am using crystal report in , how to convert crystal report to notepad and print directly that notepad


how to give direct print crystal report in networking ,

please anybody help me urgent.....

Thank you...
Robbe Morris replied to Chinnarasu .M on 28-Mar-13 09:43 AM
You don't convert Crystal Reports to plain text (which what I think you mean by notepad).  Crystal has the ability to send its output to the printer via the ReportDocument.

report.PrintOptions.PrinterName = printerName;
report.PrintToPrinter(1, true, 0, 0);

If you are attempting to print server side from ASP.NET, you register your network printer as a local printer entry on each web server.  This will allow your network printer to be visible and accessible in an ASP.NET application.