VB.NET - if condition in vb.net/asp.net - Asked By michael brown on 12-Apr-13 04:02 PM

I have a database with two tables called student,Repeaters with the following fields; StudentId,StudentGrade,schoolYear,RepetitionCode.The fields are similar for both tables.These tables will be tracking the student history hence a primary key is schoolYear. I created a form for entering infomation in tables in vb.net/asp,net. Everything is working fine. Now i need assistance(coding),that would help me to update the table student when we are in a new schoolYear,i.e if i enter a year in a textbox,a new record for the student should be created with studentgrade being increased by 1 if he is not a repeater.Any help is highly appreciated
wade marmal replied to michael brown on 21-Apr-13 04:43 AM
you can check the syuden grade with student name in repeater table and enter the data. You can use count rows in sql.