ASP.NET - Grid format - Asked By sunny C on 17-Apr-13 11:08 AM

Hi all,

I am trying to format a grid below to have extra columns and extra headers.


Col1     Col2     Col3   Col4   Col5
A         t1         t2       t1      ABC
B         t2         t1       t3      ABC
C        t2         t1       t3      ABC
D         t2         t1       t3      ABC
A         t2         t1       t3      CDE
B         t2         t1       t3      CDE
C         t2         t1       t3      CDE
D         t2         t1       t3      CDE

I need to convert this to below Grid.
             ABC CDE
Col1           Col2  Col3  Col4 Col2  Col3  Col4
A  t1         t2       t1  t2        t1     t3

B  t2         t1       t3  t2         t1       t3
C t2         t1       t3  t2         t1       t3
D  t2         t1       t3  t2         t1       t3

Can you please let me know whether this can be done. Currently source table is DataTable. I am trying to convert this datatable to above datatable and then assign it to gridview.

Thanks in advance.

sri replied to sunny C on 18-Apr-13 06:10 AM
Hi ,

 u can use datalist or repeter control.