Microsoft Excel - Read a data from one excel to another

Asked By TAMU P on 23-Apr-13 04:50 AM
I have an excel file name SCS0111.csv and in that Column 'B' has a tag name " %IU11.0" which should be converted as %Z011101S0111  (Formula used to calculate is "%Z0"&RIGHT(LEFT(B3,5),2)&"1"&TEXT(IF(LEN(B3)>7,RIGHT(B3,2),RIGHT(B3,1))+1,"00")&RIGHT(F3,5) , B3 refers %IU11.0 , F3 refers file name SCS0111 )

In the same .csv file Column 'C' has a _21LIT1102 with refernce to % IU11.0
I need a macro to convert the first one and call the second one and paste it in a new excel sheet

Harry Boughen replied to TAMU P on 24-Apr-13 03:52 AM
Hello Tamu,
Can you explain a little better what you mean by 'call the second one'.
I am guessing that you want to find the entry in ColumnC that contains the string '110' eg _21LIT1102 and copy that together with the converted tag name. But that is not necessarily clear.